Mompreneur Spotlight: Amber and Cynthia, Common Finery Boutique

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February 5, 2018
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Mompreneur Spotlight: Amber and Cynthia, Common Finery Boutique

Great friends for years, we had more than a few things in common including being busy boy moms and a love for fashion.  Over lunch one day we were chatting about our need for a little something more in our lives. How fun would it be to hand pick clothing items we love and make them available to our friends?!? Common Finery Boutique was born by the time we were done with our burritos! 

Common Finery offers an affordable selection of women’s clothing & accessories on-line as well as in-home local private shopping  events. We’ve brought our threads everywhere from brunches to cocktail parties. It’s always fun to shop with friends, but shopping with your friends in your home (where you are the most comfortable) takes it to a whole new level! Our selection is always changing and we love providing on-trend boutique brands women have come to love at great prices and free shipping. 

Back when we were dreaming up ideas over our burritos, owning a boutique sounded so fun and easy! I mean…shopping and picking out clothes!? We thought of ourselves as somewhat professional in that area already. How hard could it be? Common Finery has certainly ended up being just as much fun as we thought it would be, but being a mompreneur does come with challenges. We try to stay organized and goal driven while remaining FLEXIBLE! Kids get sick and life gets busy. When the kids are sleeping might be when we get together to place orders. We FaceTime if an order comes in and we need to look at it together but one of us is at soccer practice. Most of our designers & vendors are in LA. Due to the time difference we sometimes make calls to them while we have kids in the bath. The best part of owning our business is being able to put the hours in around our already busy lives. Well, that and getting to work along side your best friend everyday. 

From helping our customers update their closets to providing fresh styling options, we love working with women locally here in the Jacksonville area as well as those all over the country. We invite you to join our Facebook community and visit our virtual boutique on-line to shop at your convenience from home, office or on the go. We can’t wait to see you there! Amber & Cynthia

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